Our Mission

This Station is dedicated to bringing a party to your life whenever you tune in. We invite you to join our community of friends and music lovers. The PCR chat room is where we hang out, chat and make suggestions to the DJ, but you will also see us in many of the online games that you love to play. Our goal is to make you smile. We believe in the Power of Music, it can recall and build new memories. Our staff loves to be a part of making your day a little brighter. Our DJ’s are from around the world and we strive to bring you the widest variety of music that you will find anywhere. If you have a particular favorite genre our DJ’s would be happy to throw some into the mix for you. We believe that songs should be played as originally recorded, which means you may occasionally hear some songs in their original format that may contain an explicit word or two. However, we do have strict guidelines about music content, we ask that you keep an open mind and we will do our best to make sure we stay on a path that can be enjoyable for all of us. We hope that you enjoy your stay and will want to come back for more fun and music. We accept any donations as your gift to our listeners. It is your donations that keep the music playing for others and your donation will not be used for promotional or personal use.

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